A breakthrough in the transportation industry

REMA 1000 is, like most of us know, a countrywide chain of supermarket stores with several hundred locations. One of them is REMA 1000 Fredensborg, run by grocer Kent Windahl. He tested out ASAP and was positively surprised by what the app and the website have to offer him and his store.

I was positively surprised by how quick and flexible it is to order transport through ASAP, and I especially like that the service can be used both online and through the app, Windahl says about his experience with ASAP.

REMA 1000 Fredensborg often has shipments delivered directly from the stockists, but from time to time they are in need of urgent transport or waste driven away. Before Windahl tested out ASAP he was forced to do a lot of this himself.

Often I had to use my personal vehicle when urgent assignments or other small missions popped up. I was therefore very happy to receive the opportunity to order a driver with ASAP, especially since the service is so flexible, Kent Windahl tells us.

Because several drivers compete in getting to deliver exactly your shipment, ASAP will continue to be one of the cheapest choices when moving goods. ASAP cuts away all unnecessary intermediaries and in doing so you’re doing business directly with the driver. In addition to being cost effective, this also increases the flexibility of the service. The drivers have no fixed routes where they drive by your company once or twice a day. Instead, they come exactly when you need them to.

Available as an app

The app is called ASAP for a reason – you get the possibility to order a pickup of your shipment right away, which can be quite helpful on a hectic day, which the grocer at REMA 1000 Fredensborg experienced himself. He expected ASAP to make it easier to order transportation of goods, and was positively surprised by how easy it was to use the service. The fact that ASAP was available both through the website but also the app was a huge plus.

ASAP worked well, and was very accessible as an app on the phone. I can order transportation for what I need, when I need it, and I can even decide what vehicle I want transporting my goods. I can also upload a photograph of what I want picked up. If I’m in a hurry I can choose the shipment to be picked up ASAP – and the drivers do come surprisingly quickly, says Windahl, content.

Direct dialogue

There are other elements behind the reasoning of why the grocer will continue to use the service going forward – and recommend it to others.

It’s very positive that I myself can choose between different offers based on different criteria. At the same time, I’m very fond of the tracking and chat function where I can get into a direct dialogue with the driver during the shipment, Windahl finishes.



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