Cruise Your Way to Earnings with ASAP

Today’s world is increasingly working on removing the barriers between customers and the products and services they want, including courier service. Instead of being confined to a handful of restricted options, the world is opening up. This allows for opportunities for individuals to set their own hours and earnings. ASAP connects drivers to open courier jobs, making it easier and more efficient to earn money, removing the middlemen and time-consuming chores that often come with the job. Whether you are looking for part-time work, or to propel your own career as a courier driver, ASAP makes the connection without any of the hassles. We have plenty of advantages, which make this a great move for you.

ASAP Is Easy to Use

We tell customers that using ASAP is delivery in a snAPP, meaning it’s fast and easy. Thankfully, as a driver, getting set up and starting work is also a snAPP. Simply fill out some details and begin the approval process. Once you are approved, the business comes to you. No setup fees, no ongoing payments, no strings attached. Start earning money as an express courier with little to no headache.

You Earn Money. We Handle the Legwork

Customers, understandably, have a lot of demands and concerns when utilizing a messenger service. They are looking for secure delivery, invoices and paperwork, and often express courier services that can be tough to arrange on your own. ASAP handles the logistics of all of these details. You never have to worry about filling out invoices, collecting payments, or managing a busy schedule. You simply turn on the app, look at the available jobs (including same-day delivery service requests), and submit your bid. All you have to do is deliver. We take care of everything else.

Let the Customers Come to You

In any business, big or small, one of the most difficult things to do is to find customers. However, as an ASAP driver, you don’t have to hunt for customers, they seek out our platform and bring the jobs to you. No marketing or advertising, no grinding looking for customers, there are simply jobs ready for you to find. If you have time to drive, you’ll be able to find customers merely by opening up your ASAP app and starting your pickup and delivery.

Simple and Uncomplicated Fee Structure

As an ASAP driver, you’ll never be out cash just to use our platform. There are no initiation fees and no ongoing costs to using ASAP. Instead, we only take a small fee out of money that you actually receive for work. That means that we only get paid when you do, so you don’t have to worry about prohibitive startup costs to becoming a package courier.

Similar to breakout companies like Airbnb or Uber, ASAP stands poised to disrupt the record courier industry by allowing consumers direct access to their own package couriers. With these disruptions comes the opportunity to make money. Join the ASAP team as a driver today, and start submitting bids, finding clients, and earning money in no time.

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