Launching ASAP – your personal delivery service

ASAP is the perfect app for everyone looking to send or deliver goods. We aim to grow into an international company, but that is only the beginning.

We believe in sustainable development

We developed ASAP to simplify the package delivery process. We cut unnecessary intermediaries by offering a service based on sharing economy. Unified is how we will create effective solutions.

The world keeps evolving and as individuals and corporations we are responsible for operating in accordance with development happening around us. This is at the base of everything we do here at ASAP, and it colors our journey towards a sustainable reality. We are proud of our company and what we have to offer to those involved, including our customers and our ASAP drivers.

Everyone gains from efficiency

As a society it is important to distinguish between processes that benefit us as individuals, us as society and the environment in which we live. Future-minded companies aim to succeed on all these levels. In MAVI Group Holding we strive to be one of these future-minded companies. Efficiency is number one on our list, and we have through years of experience in logistics developed an innovative process that modernizes the transportation industry.

Efficiency is also a key factor when considering customer experience. We have therefore chosen a technology-driven model that gives the customer all the power and a complete overview of all aspects of the process.

We put our ASAP users in the driver’s seat

ASAP users register their order by a few clicks of a button. You can choose to either manually insert the package details or take a photo and upload it in minutes. Then you will receive one or several offers from our verified and reliable ASAP drivers. You choose which driver will deliver your package based on their tailored offers. You also decide where and when your package will be delivered. As an ASAP customer, you have the freedom to tailor your order based on specific needs like whether or not the package needs to be carried up to higher floors, or if the driver to assemble the package content. Easily add any extra information into the comment section of your order. Your driver will pick up your package as agreed!

When the package has been picked up for transportation, you can easily track its journey while having the ability to contact your driver through our integrated chat function. This way, you can be sure everything will proceed as planned and you will be informed if any changes take place throughout.

You also have complete access to important sales documents and other information verifying our service. Our service will always be in line with norwegian rules and laws.

We give back – because we can

The environment matters to us and it’s important that businesses take social responsibility. We are therefore proud to partner up with Rema 1000 in an attempt to diminish food waste by supermarkets and offer it back to those in society who need it the most. Our drivers will collect all edible food and products which have reached their expiration date on that day and distribute it among charities and institutions with a platform for passing it on to others. We will firstly focus on Fattighuset and Blue Cross, but in time we will also be able to offer this service internationally.

We are very proud to be one of Norway’s first technology-driven courier services, developed and established according to norwegian needs. We believe in our product and have faith in its ability to benefit everyone using it. Our ambition is to grow into an international company and eventually create complementary services – all aimed at making your life easier. If you want to know more about our company or service then please read more!

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