The new metropolitan delivery service

Either you prefer to call it sharing economy or dissemination economy, it has taken the world by storm and helps people like you and me to earn and save money. Companies like Airbnb and Uber has proven that the modern society was ready for new thinking. Now the delivery business has been modernized and there is a new sheriff in town.

ASAP has entered the Norwegian market rapidly to help people and businesses with delivery services for very reasonable prices. Everything can be ordered through the website, or even easier with the free app that is available for Android and IOS. With just a few clicks you can order a delivery in your own city, you can choose a delivery time that is good for you and even track the delivery when it’s in transport.

Removing expensive intermediaries

Compared to traditional transport firms ASAP will always be competitive on price. We have a lot of experience with what works or not, and have removed all the unnecessary, and often expensive, intermediaries. With expertise from the logistics industry ASAP wants to revolutionize the way we send and receive parcels. There are a lot of businesses who rely on delivery services day to day, so it’s not surprising that ASAP which gives more control to, and save money for the users, have been so well received. So far ASAP is available in the big cities Oslo, Trondheim, Bergen and Stavanger, but we can deliver parcels across the whole country too.

YOU are in charge!

No more missing meetings or appointments because you must receive a delivery at a locked in time, with ASAP you can choose the delivery time yourself and other details about the delivery, like carrying or assembly. As a customer, you can add all this information as criteria when you place an order, and then the drivers will compete to transport your delivery. All the drivers have GPS in the cars, so you can track your delivery. In addition, ASAP has a chat function, so you can keep in touch with the driver along the way. You can both use ASAP when you want to transport something far away, but don’t forget it can also be a good help if your delivery need is local. The drivers are in your city and are happy to get assignments that keep them local. If you are used to taking your own car to run small errands because it’s too expensive to use traditional delivery firms, you can park your car and instead use your own valuable time on something completely different.

Easy, quick and safe

Either you can save thousands by switching company for delivery of goods to your store, or you are someone who just wants to avoid taking time off work to receive a parcel at home, ASAP has something to offer you. As the name implies, our goal is to deliver or pick up parcels as soon as possible. You don’t have to pay anything to download the app, and then you can easily register and organize all transport of goods from your smart phone or tablet. This is perfect for anyone in a hurry, as you can set up a delivery or a pick up whilst you’re on the go, at the breakfast table or on your lunch break. ASAP offers long-awaited flexibility for people with busy schedules. Download the free app so you can try for yourself.

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