We celebrate our drivers!

We exist thanks to our amazing drivers who all have registered with ASAP. This is why we insist on offering them freedom to organize their day, safety in their everyday tasks and excellent customer service if they need assistance.

We believe in sharing economy as a sustainable and holistic solution for many of our manmade challenges. Our model is therefore based on cutting intermediaries and give back the freedom to customers and supplier alike. As one of our ASAP drivers you will enjoy numerous benefits which make the service extremely beneficial to use. Among these you will find:

Safety in using a 100% legal service

Services based on sharing economy are unfortunately often victim to a legal grey area. Even though you can easily rent out your apartment whilst going away for the weekend, this does not ensure your business is legal. With ASAP you can trust that you are operating under the rules of law. We issue receipts and other legal documents necessary to verify our service, and in order to provide further comfort and trust for our customers. VAT are included in all offers.

Freedom to choose your own jobs and criteria

As an ASAP driver you have the freedom to choose which jobs you would like to accept. You get a complete overview of all inquiries through our database and can evaluate each job based on your own chosen criteria. These might include point of delivery, payment, urgency, and much more.

Access to our extensive database

With ASAP you get access to our ever growing database of new and established clients. This way, you save time on searching out potential customers and personally marketing you own service. We will do that for you! This means you get more time to complete actual missions – this make the process more efficient for everyone.

The opportunity to be your own boss

Unemployment issues have been concerning, in particular, young people in Norway over the last years. Government efforts have led to some results, yet many are dissatisfied with their own employment status today. When looking for work you will find that the numbers of part-time vacancies completely outnumbers full-time positions. Opportunities based on sharing economy are therefore a necessity in order to balance the workforce. Privately, we need the opportunity to make money and a platform to grow and develop our personal skills. And the market needs part-time possibilities to give room for more effective solutions. As an ASAP driver, you can make as much or as little money you want. You are in the driver seat – which gives you the power to cover your own needs and more!

The opportunity to be part of the solution

Every single one of us is an important step towards a greener future. We need to take responsibility for what we do, both in our private lives and professionally. By registering as an ASAP driver you are part of an important process for a sustainable future, whilst making good cash for yourself at the same time. If we all do a little – the result becomes substantial.

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